For over 29 years I’ve run a successful freelance business working as a Location Professional, Media Producer, Photographer and most recently, Content Producer.

I’ve traveled the world but am thrilled to live, work and play in the city I love, San Francisco, California.

Having extensive experience wearing all these hats gives me a unique perspective and ability to help make any project successful. I’ve worked primarily in corporate communications, broadcast television and live events. Generating a highly positive, efficient and fun production environment is key.

Currently I’m releasing a 5 course series on how to break into the film and video industry. Launch date is very soon and I’m excited to bring my 40 years of experience to help the next generation of professionals enter the market.

I’ve worked both regionally here in the Bay Area and Northern California, nationally and internationally. My main countries of travel and work have been England, Italy, Spain and Portugal. I speak conversational Italian.

On a personal note, you can find me most times, when I’m not working, swimming in the San Francisco Bay. I’ve been an open water swimmer since 1998. And yes, it’s cold. Check it out.