As a Producer: Story telling is the bottom line no matter what business you are in. This is a complicated process but it starts with listening. Listening to what the client's needs are and what resources they have, then coming up with a plan that brings together their story. This is something I've done for the past 20 years in one way or another.  I've been very fortunate to have heard many interesting stories and hope to hear many more.

As a Production Manager: I’m well connected with the Bay Area production scene. From crew, locations and talent to animators, graphics designers and editors, I have the resources to ensure that the right people are hired to meet the individual needs of each project.  I know how to run a tight schedule and manage a budget but also I understand how important it is to have a stress free set and a happy crew. Together these make for a successful project.

MiRancho tortilla marketing video (2015) robin mortarotti productions (RMP)

Robin Mortarotti approached me with this opportunity to work with MiRancho, an artisan brand of tortillas, that's made right here in the Bay Area. Working in the factory and then in the fields we are able to tell the story of the history of the MiRancho family. We had a great crew with wonderful Robin Mortarotti directing, James Lindsey on audio and Joe Mendoza from Little Giant as our gaffer. Made for a great shoot!



Pivotal Labs needed an introductory video that explained how their business works daily. The in's and the out's of what it would be like to work there. With Greg Freeman as my DP and a tight crew with a number of different kinds of cameras, we were able to capture the "feel" of Pivotal Labs. 


Advertisement for Equil, Luidia (2014) Max Strebel Films, SF

Working with a minimal crew and a special loft in San Francisco, Max directed this lovely commercial that has allot of heart. The client was very happy not only with the emotion of the piece but just how their product worked so well on camera. The biggest challenge was finding someone who could write nicely. A sign of the times. 


Kaepernick Advertisement (2013) Tupelo Honey Productions, NYC

Showing one of the Bay Area's most favorite sports stars in his new Jaguar, working as PM on this project I got to close the Bay Bridge with a rolling stop. My first time for that and it was a fun moment. With Scott Phelps behind the camera and Julie, the editor from Tupelo making an incredible cut, they make a great team.  But the whole thing came off because we rolled with it and in the end, the craziness paid off.


Pivotal Labs Recruitment Video (2013) Kincade & Company, SF

I produced this simple, yet effective piece for Pivotal's recruiting efforts. Always use the best when you have simplicity cause you can't hide. This was shot by Eli Adler, the tech was Conrad Slater and my storyteller & editor was Max Streble. I always feel comfortable with this top crew. 


Silverlight (2011) Phoenix Editorial (now Bonfire Labs) SF

This beautiful video was directed by Matt Silverman. I was the PM and we shot out at Kerner (now 32Ten). The "kid" on the skateboard was flown in special, all fifteen years of him.  There were some moments we didn't think he was going to be able to perform, I assume nerves but in the end, we (he) prevailed. 

Corporate Safety Video (2012) PrimeLight Productions, NYC

Director Don Forschmidt is as unruffled as it gets. Calm and consistent through-out, he knew that the challenge of this project was the coordination of two large beasts, the gas company and fire department, in two different counties, San Francisco and Redding. This project was many moving parts, just like in a real emergency (well, kinda).  Eli Adler, Conrad Slater and Dick Favarro, what a nice crew to travel with.